The Chancellor's List was created to recognize Penn State Schuylkill student-athletes who have earned and maintained a 3.0 GPA.

Nicholas Abicunas Golf

Laura Bisco Women's Soccer

Megan Boyer Women's Soccer/Softball

Caitria Bowen Women's Basketball/Volleyball

Alexis Bowser Volleyball

Cara Brennan Softball

Wade Bressler Baseball

Connor Brody Men's Soccer

Omar Cardenas Men's Soccer

David Chesakis Men's Soccer

Emma Cosp Women's Soccer

Jaquon Craig Men's Basketball

Tristan Dickey Cross-Country

Brad Fryer Men's Soccer

Brianna Felty Women's Soccer

Tracy Garcia Women's Soccer

Jarritt Geiger Men's Soccer

Dominique Grasso Women's Basketball/ Softball

Brittany Geist Softball

Niccolo Granito Cross Country

Casey Gregory Cross Country

Alyssa Hatter Softball/Volleyball

Sydney Hoopman Volleyball

Derek James Men's Basketball

Kody Jacoby Men's Basketball

Angelica Kaledas Women's Soccer

Kyle Kaledas Baseball

Veronica Kiefer Volleyball

Pearl Lomax Women's Basketball

Erin Luckenbill Softball

Alexis Luna Cross Country

Vincent May Cross Country

Anthony Moran Men's Soccer

Joelle Moyer Volleyball/Women's Basketball/ Softball


Casey Renninger Cross Country

Matthew Renninger Cross Country

Nicholas Jacoby Baseball

Brett Rushannon Cross Country

Makenna Rushannon Softball

Adam Sajone Men's Soccer

Breanna Sattizahn Women's Soccer

Marcella Scheeler Softball

Luke Schwalm Men's Soccer

Alyssa Schadle Women's Soccer

Kelly Shober Women's Basketball

Hunter Snyder Men's Soccer

Cassondra Smith Women's Soccer

Jazmyn Snedden Women's Soccer

Marla Stoner Volleyball

Justin Stoner Golf

Emily Watkins Women's Soccer

Amber Weaver Women's Soccer

Josh White Cross Country/Men's Basketball

Hayley Wolff Volleyball/Cross Country/Women's Basketball/Softball

Emily Yakobosky Volleyball